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Traditional Foods

Bolivian Food History and Interesting Facts

Coconut Cheese Dessert

Cunapes Recipe

Mocochinchi Drink

Pique Macho


Bolivia and its Food

Visiting Bolivia

Hoping that the tourists can enjoy Bolivia, visit its very interesting historical sites and enjoy the delicacies of Bolivian cuisine, usually they are warned to stay away from heavy foods or alcoholic drinks for the first couple of days, so that their bodies can get adjusted to the altitude and climate of this country.

After that period tourists can start watching, eating and drinking the very good dishes and drinks this country offers.  To begin with, most dishes include meat, include poultry and include many spices.  This all together brings out delicious dishes! You can also choose between very spicy food or not spicy food, depending on your preferences.


Some Traditional Foods from Bolivia

Between the traditional foods you will find Salteñas, Chicken Changas, Rabbit changas, Llama charque  or Pork charque,  and of course, many dishes including corn and potatoes.  Near the Titicaca Lake you can also find many dishes using fish.  And at all places you can find chicha to drink.  This is a very ancient drink, made by the Incas using corn.  And you can taste good Bolivian wines, which are also widely enjoyed in the country.  Try some Stuffed potatoes, which are a very good dish and drink some chicha….then you’ll be enjoying traditional foods and drinks!

We must admit that there are some foods very much alike to those in Peru…but  Bolivia’s has a different taste.  They use their own herbs, their own spices….potatoes with all meals, lots of meats in the mountain regions and more vegetables in the lower regions. The reason for serving spicy food and a very consistent one is that it’s the sort of dishes that allow people to survive in these regions. They drink coca’s leaves tea, chicha made of corn, all of these drinks and food we mentioned are being done and eaten for many centuries and helped them survive in some of the hardest regions of South America.




Comidas Tradicionales

Historia de la Comida de Bolivia y Hechos Interesantes

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